Mediation in the English language as well


Resolving conflicts as a mediator in the English language I take for granted.

In a global world the conflicts can not be kept outside the borders. Therefore it is important for me to mediate in the English language as well.

I love my work as a mediator. Most of the time I found it very satisfying to be able to help people find their way to an agreement and to a better relationship than they had before. At times, I would find deeply moved by my encounters with the clients, aware of just how much the work meant to me.

My challenge as a professional mediator is to help the clients to understand the emotional and practical dimensions of the situation and see the relationship between the two. When the internal and external worlds line up, we can find a way of working together that leads to a solution grounded in what is most important to people - that reflects results that will be practicable and workable.

I am looking forward supporting you to solve your conflict.